Next English Speech Meeting

The club meeting will be held at Yokohama-shi Shimin Katsudo Shien Center.
Our regular club meeting will have 3 sessions as follows.

- Table Topics (an impromptu speech competition)
- Prepared Speech (presentations in 5~10 minutes)
- Evaluation (Feedback to each prepared speech)

Guests are always welcome. Come and join us. Schedule is subject to change.
If you want to attend, please apply from this contact form.

English Speech Meeting Schedule





Induction ceremony


本日のword of the day

本日のword of the dayは、”versatile(形):有能な、多彩な”でした。

この単語、TOEICのような英語試験でたまに見かける難単語です。TOEIC満点を数十回取得しているTEX加藤さんが出版した「出る単特急 金のフレーズ(通称金フレ)」と言う単語集が有ります。



1人目のNjさん。スピーチタイトル”How virtual *hugs* actually work”.対人に不安を覚えたNkさんが、どのようにその恐怖心を乗り越え、転職に成功したか、という英語スピーチでした。コツは相手を心の中で抱き締める事だそうでして、みなとみらいトーストマスターズクラブのメンバーもNkさんに抱きしめてもらっているかもしれません。光栄です/笑。






4人目のSbさん。スピーチタイトル"Thanks to the experience in Toastmasters..."。一度は辞めようと思ったみなとみらいトーストマスターズクラブを続けるに至った経緯をお話し頂きました。続けると決めた理由は「英語スピーチ以外にも様々な役割を果たす事で自分の殻を破れると思えるようになったから」だそうです。Sbさんも次回でついに、Project10(Inspire your audience)。この10分間の難プロジェクトをどう料理してくれるでしょうか?ハードルを上げすぎてもプレッシャーになりますが、楽しみです!





English speech meeting report

Timely meeting report!!

At first, there was an induction ceremony for new member Yg. 
He lives in Tokyo, native English speaker. He seemed to prefer the atmosphere of our club when he attended as a guest. We are hugely honored to be selected whether there are many clubs in Tokyo. We are looking forward to his active participation!

First person Nj. Speech title was "How virtual * hugs * actual work". It was an English speech about how Nk, who felt anxious about in front of people, overcome her fear and succeeded in job hunting. The tips are to hug the other person in her heart. Members of us may also be hugged by Nk. We are honoured/ lol.

I often was said "I couldn’t understand what you think", but ultimately, we cannot understand other persons are thinking wholly. Because the reason for fear is that we feel it is unknown, the solution is self-disclosure, I think.

Second person Nk. It was an English speech that explained evaluation is performance. He examined what common rules there were in an effective evaluation that made the audience's inspiring and presented the conclusions obtained in that research. He interestingly acted by putting together examples of "good evaluation" and "bad evaluation".

Generally speaking such as in the place of work, it is said that “when you praise someone you should do it in public, and when you get mad someone you should do it in the private space", but in the Toastmasters Club, the evaluation is made in front of the members. As it is constructive and stands on the basis of mutual trust among the members, it becomes effective.

Third person Gt. It was an English speech on an episode of cigarettes received from Showa Emperor as an honor of his father, who had been working at a railway company. The only cigarette smoked by Mr Gt who stopped smoking was this father's personal belongings. He really has a lot of drawers.

I have watched the movie that Showa Emperor traveled to Hiroshima after saying a human declaration. There is an episode that GHQ was surprised at the sight that was enthusiastically welcomed by the citizens. So, the presence of the Showa Emperor seems to be so huge especially for over 40 years old. The Heisei era following the Showa era will over soon, and 290th times regular meeting, beginning of Reiwa era will be held on 11th May in Shimin katsudo shien centre.

Fourth person Sb. Speech title "Thanks to the experience in Toastmasters ...". She talked about the process that led her to continue the Toastmasters Club activity, which she once decided to quit. The reason she decided to continue was that "I felt that I could break my shell by doing various roles besides English speech". In the near future, she will challenge the project 10 (Inspire your audience), CC10. How will she deal with this 10-minute hard project? It's too much pressure for her, but we are looking forward to hearing that!!

As Sb says, the correct attitude about Toastmasters Club is "a place where we learn the communication and leadership." And we are an English club, so it is a place to learn English communication and leadership. "Cheap English speaking classes" is a misnomer, and the expression "a magic seminar where personality changes in one day" is an exaggeration.


The correct expression of Toastmasters Club's allegedly came out, but there is something that we think more important than that. That is "diversity." Of course, members who participate to improve English skill are also welcome, and they are included in the "places to learn how to speak English".

Somehow looked square regular meeting report, above all, seeing is believing as proverb goes. If you want to participate as a guest !, the Google form is equipped to this site to make it easy to participate, so you can apply freely!!




他クラブからの強豪がひしめく中、Asさんが2st placeを獲得しました!おめでとうございます!!

Division E english speech contest report

The contest of division E to which Minato Mirai Toastmasters club belongs was held. In the English speech contest, President As who won the area 52 contest entered.

Lots of contestants from other clubs  competed, As, our president won the 2st place! congratulations! !